EN – International weekend seminar with TOP instructor ANDREAS WEITZEL in Vsetin 3. – 4.11.2018

INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMA seminar for the first time in the Czech Republic with Andreas Weitzel in Vsetin 3. – 4.11.2018
Andreas is one of the TOP instructors in Europe and has been running SYSTEMA ACADEMY WEITZEL for 20 years in Augsburg, Germany

PROGRAM – Saturday 3.11.2018 from 09:00am to 05:00pm
• breathing exercises
• movement on the ground
• fighting on the ground

• work with fear and tension in body

PROGRAM – Sunday 4.11.2018 from 09:00am to 04:30pm
• punch absorption
• striking techniques
• first response to aggressor
• pacification of a dangerous person

REGISTRATION: Online form – see below or email us.

PLACE: VSETIN, Czech republic

ACCOMMODATION: possibility of sleeping in the gym with your own sleeping bag

A) €140  – for the entire seminar with the possibility of sleeping

B) €85    – one day

WEEKEND SEMINAR is open to the general public and is suitable for people with and without previous Systema experience.

e-mail: ruskasystema@gmail.com

tel .: +420 778 006 525



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